Chefs Profile

Steve Delandemare

Head Chef

Cuisine inspired by French heritage

Home Town:

Cotignac, Provence region, France


French-Australian Cuisine

Chefs Story:

Steve was born in France and grew up in a small village called Cotignac. Cotignac is surrounded by vineyards, pine and oak tree forests, and is situated in the heart of Provence about an hour drive from the famous city of Saint Tropez. It was here where Steve’s passion for food was born.

Steve began cooking at his family’s vineyard and restaurant. His father’s passion for cooking with fresh produce inspired into Steve the foundations needed to become a great chef. Steve used the art his father taught him and joined a Michelin Star restaurant in France.

Steve has brought his wealth of cooking knowledge to the Little Fish and produced a new french inspired menu hosting signature dishes such as our Vineyard Charcuterie and Beef Tounedos With Brown Mushrooms.

Steve loves the opportunity to talk food with our customers. We encourage customers to come chat with our chefs.